One year in China. Let's do this!

Month: September 2013

One does not simply fly to Hong Kong…

But when they do, they fly to Shenzhen first because it’s one hell of a lot cheaper of a flight. So this is pretty much my horrible introduction into saying I’M TRAVELING.  I’m also traveling solo.  Which scares the bejeezus out of me a little bit.  What if I become the plot for the Taken… Read More ›

No more paperwork…for now.

Three months ago, I was hunched over a computer in the library in Juneau, Alaska, trying to fill out a form for my visa to get to China.  My personal computer couldn’t connect to the printers on the cruise ship, the library didn’t have the necessary software to write on a form with Chinese characters… Read More ›

China’s Grimmauld Place

I have always hoped I would be a wizard.  Reading the Harry Potter books as a child, I was absolutely 100% convinced that there would be a letter in the mail for me on my 11th birthday.  When it didn’t come, I was devastated.  However, chin up, Charlotte, life moves on, perhaps a high school… Read More ›

A Weekend of Self -Care

The hair was up, the t-shirts were being worn “on the reg”, and the gym clothes were nicely tucked away in the back drawer of a closet, untouched.  Yikes.  Time for a Charlotte intervention of the “get your shit together” kind. The first step of the intervention was a haircut.  A friend had recommended a… Read More ›

Pigs’ Feet and Stinky Tofu

So sometimes I write for Shanghaiist, and I write about food and drinks.  It’s a pretty chill job.  I eat things and then I write about what tasted good and not so good, and then they publish it.  Baller.  You could read this one and this one to get the idea.  The reason I suggest… Read More ›

Hangzhou Prettiness

Sometimes it seems necessary to just write a post with pics and remove my sarcasm so you can all go ohhh and ahhh at some pretty, pretty pictures.  Watch out, National Geographic, here I come with my somewhat blurry washed out pics taken from my iPhone camera.

Street Noods, Hold the MSG

Happiness comes in the form of some good old street noods. And my friend found a great location.  Bok choy and eggs thrown together with some fried noodles, and you have a dish made in heaven.  Don’t forget to tell them to hold off on the MSG.  Yes, that’s right – you must request to… Read More ›

Laowai on Laowai

Shanghai is a city of 24 million people.  Half a million of those people are foreigners, or “laowais.”  While half a million people is a whole lot of a lot of people, it sometimes feels like you are a white person in a sea of Harry Potter jet black hair and people that are about… Read More ›

Language Flubs of the Mouse/Teacher Kind

When immersing yourself in a new language environment, the potential to say some really stupid things is quite high. Yesterday was one of those moments.  A fellow co-worker and friend of mine is having a mouse infestation issue in her apartment.  While the aiyi (our lovely maid that comes to clean our apartments three times… Read More ›

Pow Pow

One two.  One one two.  One two one two. One two one two.  One.  One.  One. Stumble.  Fall.  Giggle.  Instructor yells at me to stop smiling.  YESSIR. Last night I was roped into going to a boxing class near People’s Square.  It was free, so naturally my cheap skate senses were a-tingling and I just… Read More ›