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RT: 20 Things That Change After Living In China

January 5, 2014

From the girl who produced the controversial, yet wildly popular on social media, article about 23 Things To Do at 23 Instead of Getting Engaged comes another list.  This one has a bit more relevance to this blog, so I decided to share it. And as I am about to head out of China for… Read More ›

7 Weird Things about China that No Longer Freak Me Out

Culture shock. It’s a thing that everyone has to deal with when they move to a new place.  For a few months, everything seems odd and peculiar and hilarious and out of this world.  Nothing is the same as home, and you end up throwing your hands up in the air in frustration and confusion… Read More ›

RT: Life After China

The World of Chinese wrote this great post recently about reverse culture shock.  As I am about to head off for a month of exploring the great historical sites (and the pizza shops) of Italy, I can’t help but wonder whether I will feel the same way as I leave Shanghai and arrive in a… Read More ›

Le Buddhism in Leshan

Sitting on a river two hours south of Chengdu is the world’s biggest Buddha sculpture.  Leshan is a well-known destination in Sichuan province, so naturally I had to go while I was on my impromptu trip to the Panda Capital. This thing is literally a monster.  As I approached it, I exclaimed, “GOOD GOD!” and… Read More ›


I just bought tickets to Chengdu on a whim.  Because why not.  But now I am sitting here and I have to decide about the next big purchase.  One of the big reasons to go to Chengdu is for the pandas.  They have a little panda kindergarten where all the baby pandas…go to school??  And… Read More ›

RT: Study Abroad Gringa Takes Five Days to Realize She’s in California

This would be like if I found out I had only been in a really, really big Chinatown this whole time…cringe. Study Abroad Gringa Takes Five Days to Realize She’s in California.

Leaf peeping in Xinchang

Xinchang. Where? What’s that? My friend sent me a link a few weeks back.  “Let’s go here!” the email read.  It was just over 100 dollars to make the trip.  It left on a Saturday morning and came back on a Sunday evening.  Accommodation, tour guide, food, buses – it was all paid for.  We… Read More ›

Hangzhou Prettiness

Sometimes it seems necessary to just write a post with pics and remove my sarcasm so you can all go ohhh and ahhh at some pretty, pretty pictures.  Watch out, National Geographic, here I come with my somewhat blurry washed out pics taken from my iPhone camera.

Exploring Tongli

One of the great parts about living in Shanghai is the access to many an adorable water town.  Tongli, one of the water towns that requires a 100 kuai entrance ticket that grants you access to eight major sites in the contained village, is definitely worth a visit.  From cute rivers that cross the city… Read More ›

Suzhou Snapshots