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Muggles rejoice! Butterbeer is now being served at Starbucks

November 7, 2013

This is brilliant. Now I just need to learn how to say “creme frappuccino”, “three pumps”, “caramel syrup”, “toffee nut syrup”, and “caramel drizzle” in Mandarin. That shouldn’t be too complicated. Accio Chinese person’s brain to teach me these words! Advertisements

What does Ethnican even mean?

I saw them when walking around a convenience store when reviewing all the convenience store brand shops for a food article for Shanghaiist.  I thought, no, it can’t be.  Those cannot be real.  Is that an Incan person on a chips packet?  Why in the heck is a dancing Incan on a chips packet?  What… Read More ›

Pigs’ Feet and Stinky Tofu

So sometimes I write for Shanghaiist, and I write about food and drinks.  It’s a pretty chill job.  I eat things and then I write about what tasted good and not so good, and then they publish it.  Baller.  You could read this one and this one to get the idea.  The reason I suggest… Read More ›

Street Noods, Hold the MSG

Happiness comes in the form of some good old street noods. And my friend found a great location.  Bok choy and eggs thrown together with some fried noodles, and you have a dish made in heaven.  Don’t forget to tell them to hold off on the MSG.  Yes, that’s right – you must request to… Read More ›

The Regular, Please

I am embarrassed to write this.  Honestly, truly, embarrassed. Over the past six weeks, I have developed a habit.  Each morning, I go for a morning walk.  In order to get my lazy bottom out of bed each morning, I must have one thing in my system though to get me moving.  And that is… Read More ›

Hello there, Mr. Baozi

This is my Bridget Jones tally for the month. Boiled down to one item and one item alone. I am embarrassed by this number. Don’t judge me. Baozi consumption for the month: approximately 60 bao. Apologies for the rough estimation. I was too busy shoving these steamed buns filled with heavenly goodness into my face… Read More ›

Food Heaven in Suzhou

One moment… One look… One word… Can change everything. – Catherine Deane – Rewritten version by Charlotte Evans One moment… One look… One word… One bite… Can change everything. Thank you Catherine, for this lovely poem, thank you Suzhou, for making truly delicious food, and thank you to the inventor of elastic waist pants, for… Read More ›

Carbs All Day, Every Day

Noodles.  Rice.  Bread.  Noodles.  Rice.  Bread.  Noodles. This country is the land of carbs.  Every meal is loaded with them.  After two weeks, the sight of noodles made my stomach hurt.  I needed some good old salads and fruits in my diet once more. But the fear of unwashed fruits and veggies was rattling my… Read More ›

Language Flubs of the Milk Kind

My comfort meal comes in the form of my morning breakfast ritual.  When I don’t feel like eating any more fried baby geese on a skewer (don’t worry mom, I haven’t actually been eating any of this…), I just want a nice cup of iced coffee and a tasty pastry to compliment the deliciousness of… Read More ›

A Love Affair with the Juice Bar

The juice phenomenon is taking Shanghai by storm. And NYU SH’s GAFs have fully embraced this phenomenon. We first discovered the juice bar scene at the front gate of the ECNU campus. The pre-made heavenly drinks were running at 18 kuai. Seemed cheap at the time. Well, when we found the same exact juices for… Read More ›