One year in China. Let's do this!

One does not simply fly to Hong Kong…

But when they do, they fly to Shenzhen first because it’s one hell of a lot cheaper of a flight.

So this is pretty much my horrible introduction into saying I’M TRAVELING.  I’m also traveling solo.  Which scares the bejeezus out of me a little bit.  What if I become the plot for the Taken 3 movie?  You’re laughing.  But seriously.  (Don’t worry, Mom, I won’t actually become the plot for the Taken 3 movie.  Dad looks nothing like Liam Neeson anyways so it just wouldn’t work.)

From tonight until Wednesday evening, I will be frolicking around three different spots in Southeastern China.  In Shenzhen, I hope to find cheap knock-offs of items that fell off the backs of trucks leaving the factories?  Who needs just have one iPod when you could have SEVENTEEN iPods?  Am I right?

Then my adventures will take my to Hong Kong where I will slightly connect with my British roots, try desperately to find Cadbury’s chocolate and tampons, and experience the big lights big city that is Hong Kong Island.  Hopefully there will be some hiking, there will be some massive Buddha watching, there will be biking and island exploring.  Apparently there is a town on stilts in the water on Lantau Island called Tai O.  Sounds awfully like a place they might have filmed a one-on-one date for the international portion of The Bachelor.  Perhaps they are filming there right now.  Perhaps I will meet Juan Pablo and he will decide to just ditch his other 25 babes and my free NYU t-shirts and sweaty spandex shorts will win him over.  This is realistic.

Then I will venture over to Macau because as we all know from my big-spender habits (I spent a whole $1.50 on breakfast this morning – crazy how expensive that is, I know!), that I will love doing some gambling.  What I’m hoping will happen though is that I try one attempt on the slot machine, make ONE MILLION DOLLARS, and then it will be like that scene out of the Vegas movie with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher and it will be great and my vacation will end with Ashton Kutcher finding me on a beach with a lighthouse because he knows how much I love the beach with the lighthouse in New York and then we will split our money equally that we won together in Macau.  This is actually making no sense.  I’m just going to keep writing anyways la de da de da.

I’m going to stop writing now.  If this post is not clear proof that I shouldn’t write blog posts at 7 o’clock in the morning, I just don’t know what is.


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