One year in China. Let's do this!

About Me

你们好!Hello everyone!

I’m a recent NYU grad who has picked up and moved my life over to Shanghai.  Ever in search of a new adventure, story, and experience, it seemed that a life in China was the best way to begin my professional life post-graduation.


Whether it’s hugging a panda in Chengdu or eating a scorpion in Beijing, I have found that China is a wild ride each and every day. Thanks for following me on this adventure.


Hoping for more regular updates?  Follow me on my other social media sites:

Twitter: @charevans1021

Instagram: @charevs1021


China is a pretty big journey, but it’s not the first time I’ve picked up and moved abroad.  Along the way, I have written about my travels.  Here are some of my previous stories:

BBC Travel

Governor’s Island: An Urban Oasis Off the Coast of New York City

Spain: Five One-Day Excursions from Madrid

New York: The Broadway Rush


Top 6 Wet Markets

Brothers Kebab Review

Project Wine

Charcoal Hotpot

Dish of the Day: Jianbing

The full listing of articles can be found here.

Also published in:

**InMadrid, an expat magazine in Madrid

**NYU ZaiShanghai

**Washington Square News, NYU’s student newspaper

**NHPR and WNYC (produced stories for both stations)


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