One year in China. Let's do this!

Month: November 2013

The Singing and Dancing Hairstylists

Outside of my apartment, there is a massive chain hair salon.  They are quite efficient, very official, and extremely precise with each and every haircut.  It is definitely much more than my 20 kuai spot around the corner.  I would go there, but they frighten me a little bit. Each morning, they have music that… Read More ›

Gobble Gobble

“Gananjie kuaile!” I said enthusiastically as she handed me the roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin soup. “Happy Thanksgiving!” “SHENME?!” She looked at me confused as she shouted out a nice, loud WHAT in my ear while scrunching up her face in confusion. I began to explain in Chinese: “It’s an American holiday today.  We eat… Read More ›

Leaf peeping in Xinchang

Xinchang. Where? What’s that? My friend sent me a link a few weeks back.  “Let’s go here!” the email read.  It was just over 100 dollars to make the trip.  It left on a Saturday morning and came back on a Sunday evening.  Accommodation, tour guide, food, buses – it was all paid for.  We… Read More ›

Pip pip – a trip to Thames Town!

Think this is a picture from England?  Think again. This past Friday on a jaunt out of town to go and check off one more item on the bucket list, we ended up venturing out to Thames Town.  This fake village, which has ended up being somewhat of a flop since it is super far… Read More ›

The Philippines Through Pictures

This past weekend I went on a weekend trip to the Philippines.  This beautiful, stunning, perfect country of 7,300 plus islands has somehow managed to avoid the damaging effects of overpowering tourism, and has, as a result, kept its pristine and authentic beauty for those lucky enough to see it to experience. While the country… Read More ›

DHL Delivery

We were on a street in the heart of Binondo, Manila‘s absolutely massive Chinatown.  There were markets literally everywhere, and people were swarming the spaces.  To the left was a vendor selling reams of colorful fabrics. To the right, someone was selling “big booty” spandex, Spongebob Squarepants PJ sets, and tupperware containers.  A natural pairing… Read More ›

Muggles rejoice! Butterbeer is now being served at Starbucks

This is brilliant. Now I just need to learn how to say “creme frappuccino”, “three pumps”, “caramel syrup”, “toffee nut syrup”, and “caramel drizzle” in Mandarin. That shouldn’t be too complicated. Accio Chinese person’s brain to teach me these words!

What does Ethnican even mean?

I saw them when walking around a convenience store when reviewing all the convenience store brand shops for a food article for Shanghaiist.  I thought, no, it can’t be.  Those cannot be real.  Is that an Incan person on a chips packet?  Why in the heck is a dancing Incan on a chips packet?  What… Read More ›

A jacket for you, a jacket for me

For those of you who personally know me, you can all vouch that I put immense amounts of time into my wardrobe and appearance on a day to day basis.  The delicate selection of lacy tops paired with fitted pants is a fine art and one that I take quite seriously.  And for those of… Read More ›

Shanghai Stories

It is amazing what you find out when you just decide to talk to people.  They open up and tell you stories you just never expected to hear.  Two moments of this kind happened in a span of less than 24 hours, and they were so amusing that I simply had to share them with… Read More ›