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Month: December 2013

RT: Life After China

The World of Chinese wrote this great post recently about reverse culture shock.  As I am about to head off for a month of exploring the great historical sites (and the pizza shops) of Italy, I can’t help but wonder whether I will feel the same way as I leave Shanghai and arrive in a… Read More ›

My Chinese Christening

夏笛: Xià dí: Summer flute I have had eight or so Chinese teachers in the time I have been studying this insane language.  Each time I begin a class with a new teacher, the first day consists of everyone going around the circle sharing their English name and then their Chinese name.  And each time, I… Read More ›

Le Buddhism in Leshan

Sitting on a river two hours south of Chengdu is the world’s biggest Buddha sculpture.  Leshan is a well-known destination in Sichuan province, so naturally I had to go while I was on my impromptu trip to the Panda Capital. This thing is literally a monster.  As I approached it, I exclaimed, “GOOD GOD!” and… Read More ›


I just bought tickets to Chengdu on a whim.  Because why not.  But now I am sitting here and I have to decide about the next big purchase.  One of the big reasons to go to Chengdu is for the pandas.  They have a little panda kindergarten where all the baby pandas…go to school??  And… Read More ›

Apocalypse Now

Usually when people hear that something is OFF THE CHARTS, it means it is so epic and amazing that it beat any ranking system.  Well, this past weekend, when I heard this from a friend, I nearly wanted to gag.  The pollution levels in Shanghai were so atrociously high that they were unable to be… Read More ›

Ding Dong Merrily on High

Christmas.  It’s a time for eggnog, Mariah Carey renditions of holiday songs, and most importantly, the beloved Christmas tree.  Christmas is not really a thing here because well, it’s China.  But I thought I simply must persevere and Christmas would be a thing in my apartment, even if the rest of the nation was not… Read More ›

RT: Study Abroad Gringa Takes Five Days to Realize She’s in California

This would be like if I found out I had only been in a really, really big Chinatown this whole time…cringe. Study Abroad Gringa Takes Five Days to Realize She’s in California.


Yesterday, I ran a half marathon. (One of the new features of my upgraded blog is that they allow me to link to random articles.  I think it’s hilarious what they allow me to link to, so I have started to upload them here.  Just in case any of you need a definition of what… Read More ›