One year in China. Let's do this!

Month: August 2013

Let’s Go Ride A Bike

A large group of us has purchased bikes now, which makes exploring the city so much fun.  Shanghai is absolutely massive and somewhat unattainable on foot and then if you are underground, you don’t get to see all the randomness that happens on the streets.  But with a bike, it is so easy to get… Read More ›

Exploring Tongli

One of the great parts about living in Shanghai is the access to many an adorable water town.  Tongli, one of the water towns that requires a 100 kuai entrance ticket that grants you access to eight major sites in the contained village, is definitely worth a visit.  From cute rivers that cross the city… Read More ›

I Speek Inglush Good

Chinglish signs are my favorite. And Tongli was filled with them.  Because pictures speak 1000 words, and I just don’t feel like writing all that much today (let’s be honest), I have included some of the gems from our trip.   Should I start a Chinglish pic of the week?  Comment below with thoughts and… Read More ›

Hello there, Mr. Baozi

This is my Bridget Jones tally for the month. Boiled down to one item and one item alone. I am embarrassed by this number. Don’t judge me. Baozi consumption for the month: approximately 60 bao. Apologies for the rough estimation. I was too busy shoving these steamed buns filled with heavenly goodness into my face… Read More ›

Bargaining for Will

The art of a bargain is a skill that one can fine tune and develop while in China.  However, just like certain ballerinas who can spin better than all the other lazy ballerinas who just don’t want to get dizzy, or some writers can just think of a magical world where 11-year-olds get sent letters… Read More ›

Business Mandarin Courtesy of OK

I am a pro at ordering bubble tea.  Telling a street vendor that “my parents don’t give me money because they don’t love me” so they should totally give me that fake bag for five less kuai?  No problem.  And the words just spill out of my mouth when a cyclist cuts me off as… Read More ›

Getting Familiar with the Unfamiliar

This past week has been dedicated to figuring out “outside of China” travel plans.  With a couple of long weekends approaching as well as a nine day break at the end of September, there has been a flurry of activity around the workplace trying to figure out the best, cheapest, and coolest places to go… Read More ›

Oui Oui – Biking the French Concession

The subways here are convenient in the sense that they get you from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time for 40 cents.  Yes, 40 cents.  HA New York – take THAT.  However, they are a pain in the backside to physically use.  For example, to get to the French Concession… Read More ›

The “Open Duzi” Phenomenon

I first noticed the “Open Duzi” phenomenon during my morning walks in the park.  When the temperatures were reaching 39 C by 6:30am, certain necessary measures have to be taken to cope with the heat. The Chinese have a unique way to deal with this. Duzi, in Chinese, means stomach. The open duzi phenomenon allows… Read More ›

Suzhou Snapshots