One year in China. Let's do this!

Pow Pow

One two.  One one two.  One two one two.

One two one two.  One.  One.  One.

Stumble.  Fall.  Giggle.  Instructor yells at me to stop smiling.  YESSIR.

Get it?  Because it's a boxing gym...

Get it? Because it’s a boxing gym…

Last night I was roped into going to a boxing class near People’s Square.  It was free, so naturally my cheap skate senses were a-tingling and I just couldn’t say no.   Also, my nickname over in China is the two million dollar baby.  So it was fitting for me to show all the boys how to GET THINGS DONE when it comes to boxing.  Pow pow.

People kept asking me whether I was Hillary Swank and I didn't understand why.

People kept asking me whether I was Hillary Swank and I didn’t understand why.

But in reality, I had no clue what I was doing.  We get there and the instructor has already begun the class.  Everyone is doing these random stretches while walking around in the circle.  Boxing required coordination, which I have none of, so that was amusing.  So I fumbled my way around the circle and should have just put on my “the white girl has officially arrived” hat as I tripped around the circle.  Great start, great start.

Then it turned to  the time to throw punches.  People were twisting their feet and pow-powing like nobody’s business yet my punches looked like a piece of floppy spaghetti being waved around in the air.  The instructor comes over to the group of us gals to ask if this was our first time here…as if he needed to ask that question.  Then he made us put on our most serious of faces, tuck our chins in, hold our fists to our face.  And wait.  For five minutes.  Not moving.   Obviously this was difficult as I have the worst tendency to giggle, so the snickering began and the teacher would glance over at me, glare, and bark “STOP LAUGHING!”  “Ay ay captain.”  And I would put my most serious of faces on for about two seconds before cracking up again.

Then we put on some gloves and began to punch things.  And that was so unbelievably therapeutic.  Who knew punching a red dot could work such wonders?!

One two one two

One two one two.  A much needed group shot with our Chinese boxing instructor after the class.  No smiling allowed in the picture of course.

And after an hour workout, we were all dripping with sweat.  It was such a fun class (and definitely more fun because I kept thinking about how FREE it was!) and will hopefully find other free trial sessions around the city for other random workouts.  Until then, I will continue to practice my left hook by watching Million Dollar Baby on repeat.


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