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The Philippines Through Pictures

November 19, 2013

This past weekend I went on a weekend trip to the Philippines.  This beautiful, stunning, perfect country of 7,300 plus islands has somehow managed to avoid the damaging effects of overpowering tourism, and has, as a result, kept its pristine and authentic beauty for those lucky enough to see it to experience. While the country… Read More ›

DHL Delivery

We were on a street in the heart of Binondo, Manila‘s absolutely massive Chinatown.  There were markets literally everywhere, and people were swarming the spaces.  To the left was a vendor selling reams of colorful fabrics. To the right, someone was selling “big booty” spandex, Spongebob Squarepants PJ sets, and tupperware containers.  A natural pairing… Read More ›

To fly or not to fly…

That is the question. Manila or Tokyo? Manila or Tokyo? Manila…or Tokyo? I am cheap.  I hate spending money on things that don’t seem to warrant money being spent on them.  Yet, I have found some “cheap” flights by China/Asia standards to Manila and Tokyo for November.  I would have to use a vacation day,… Read More ›

Defining Home

This year is a trial run for life post-grad.  I love living in Shanghai, but also think about the possibilities for after this year and this fellowship.  So each time I travel to a new place in Asia, I think of it as not only a vacation spot but also a potential future home.  What… Read More ›

From Rank to Rugged

I have not bathed properly in several days.  I jump in and out of the shower quickly because it’s a hostel shower.  I then spend the day sweating. My skin feels gross.  Thank GOD no one knows me.  I feel the need to apologize to people sitting next to me on a bus for more… Read More ›


Hong Kong is wild and crazy and busy and metropolitan.  Until you go around the corner and then it’s not.  This city has taken me by surprise even after just being here for two hours.  I got to the hostel, dropped my bags, laced up my bright pink sneaks, and headed out the door.  After… Read More ›

An X-Factor Moment

EDITOR’S NOTE: Each day during the trip, I would put pen to paper and write down a blog post.  I knew I wouldn’t remember all the small details when I was sitting in my room back in Shanghai, thinking about the past few days, so I would grab the back of a paper, napkin, or… Read More ›

One does not simply fly to Hong Kong…

But when they do, they fly to Shenzhen first because it’s one hell of a lot cheaper of a flight. So this is pretty much my horrible introduction into saying I’M TRAVELING.  I’m also traveling solo.  Which scares the bejeezus out of me a little bit.  What if I become the plot for the Taken… Read More ›

Hangzhou Prettiness

Sometimes it seems necessary to just write a post with pics and remove my sarcasm so you can all go ohhh and ahhh at some pretty, pretty pictures.  Watch out, National Geographic, here I come with my somewhat blurry washed out pics taken from my iPhone camera.

The Bucket List!

Better get cracking…