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December 2, 2013

Yesterday, I ran a half marathon. (One of the new features of my upgraded blog is that they allow me to link to random articles.  I think it’s hilarious what they allow me to link to, so I have started to upload them here.  Just in case any of you need a definition of what… Read More ›

Gobble Gobble

“Gananjie kuaile!” I said enthusiastically as she handed me the roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin soup. “Happy Thanksgiving!” “SHENME?!” She looked at me confused as she shouted out a nice, loud WHAT in my ear while scrunching up her face in confusion. I began to explain in Chinese: “It’s an American holiday today.  We eat… Read More ›

Quotes from the dragon boat

Conversation between three people on the dragon boat during a rest: Korean woman: “I now know another Chinese word!” British guy: “Oh do tell!” Korean woman: “Man. It means slow.” Me: “Well, that’s fitting, isn’t it…”

From Rank to Rugged

I have not bathed properly in several days.  I jump in and out of the shower quickly because it’s a hostel shower.  I then spend the day sweating. My skin feels gross.  Thank GOD no one knows me.  I feel the need to apologize to people sitting next to me on a bus for more… Read More ›

Pow Pow

One two.  One one two.  One two one two. One two one two.  One.  One.  One. Stumble.  Fall.  Giggle.  Instructor yells at me to stop smiling.  YESSIR. Last night I was roped into going to a boxing class near People’s Square.  It was free, so naturally my cheap skate senses were a-tingling and I just… Read More ›

Let’s Go Ride A Bike

A large group of us has purchased bikes now, which makes exploring the city so much fun.  Shanghai is absolutely massive and somewhat unattainable on foot and then if you are underground, you don’t get to see all the randomness that happens on the streets.  But with a bike, it is so easy to get… Read More ›

Bargaining for Will

The art of a bargain is a skill that one can fine tune and develop while in China.  However, just like certain ballerinas who can spin better than all the other lazy ballerinas who just don’t want to get dizzy, or some writers can just think of a magical world where 11-year-olds get sent letters… Read More ›

Oui Oui – Biking the French Concession

The subways here are convenient in the sense that they get you from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time for 40 cents.  Yes, 40 cents.  HA New York – take THAT.  However, they are a pain in the backside to physically use.  For example, to get to the French Concession… Read More ›

Let’s Go Ride a Bike

The streets in Shanghai are insane. People are zooming by on mopeds, taxis could care less about the fact that you are crossing the street when there is a green man telling you it’s your turn to cross, and bikes literally appear out of nowhere.  I’m convinced they apparate onto the street sometimes. So naturally… Read More ›

Shanghai Life at 6AM

New York claims to be the city that never sleeps.  Yet, on those mornings when I would wake up at the crack of dawn, unable to sleep, and would decide to venture out into the streets at 5:45 or 6am, the city felt like a ghost town. In Shanghai, it is quite the opposite.  This… Read More ›