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Pigs’ Feet and Stinky Tofu

So sometimes I write for Shanghaiist, and I write about food and drinks.  It’s a pretty chill job.  I eat things and then I write about what tasted good and not so good, and then they publish it.  Baller.  You could read this one and this one to get the idea.  The reason I suggest those two?  Well, they are the only ones that have been published so far.  Small steps, small steps.

These kiddos were having fun at the wet market!

These kiddos were having fun at the wet market!

The other day, I decided to hop on my bike and go for a little pedal around town to explore the wet markets.  I found a lot of crazy things, and took some rather entertaining pics.  And then I condensed what I saw, smelled, heard, and photographed into a “Top 6” – because let’s be honest, “Top 5” lists are just too short (and I was being really indecisive as I wrote this one) – list of wet markets.

Here is a snippet, and click the link below to read on to the rest on the Shanghaiist site.  And if you wanted to be super, duper cool and awesome, you could tweet or make a Facebook post about it!

Wet markets: the place where the smells of tofu and pigs’ feet fill ones’ nostrils as the seemingly-innocent Chinese lady with her mini trolley jostles and pushes past to get to the fresh tomatoes. To the left, there is a man hacking at a fish and throwing its guts into a big bag of guts. Delicious. To the right, veggies are heaped on trays, bins, and carts for sale. 

Welcome to Shanghai’s wet markets.  Some are an absolute hot mess of flies, damaged goods, and not-so-ace produce, but there are some pretty great ones as well scattered around the city. This is what we found.

The rest of the post can be found here.


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