One year in China. Let's do this!

Month: July 2013

Marketing the Spectacle

In a sea of jetblack, Harry-Potter-dark hair, the ginger has a tendency to stand out in the crowd. Here in China, people watch what I do, where I eat, when I use the facilities in a public restroom – all while pointing, staring, giggling, taking pictures, and cooing at the “laowai” or foreigner. It often… Read More ›

My Badminton Buddies and Me

When I studied abroad here in Shanghai in the spring of 2011, I would wake up early each morning (well, perhaps not each morning…let’s be real) and go to the park near the apartment at around 6am to watch the elderly Chinese do their morning exercises.  Every time I entered the gate to Zhongshan Park,… Read More ›

TOKYO: Life’s an adventure!

Well, this epic journey to get to Shanghers is almost over, thank goodness.  As I wait for the fourth and final plane to get me to Pudong Airport, I can’t help but think about how eventful this trip is already shaping up to be. From a crazy re-route that added seven more hours of travel… Read More ›

And the epic journey begins!