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The Pulse of the Park

Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite thing to do in Shanghai is that is the most local type of experience and best way to get away from the city life, without a beat I will tell them about the parks.  I love them.  You see the true pulse of the city each day.  In… Read More ›

Let’s Go Ride A Bike

A large group of us has purchased bikes now, which makes exploring the city so much fun.  Shanghai is absolutely massive and somewhat unattainable on foot and then if you are underground, you don’t get to see all the randomness that happens on the streets.  But with a bike, it is so easy to get… Read More ›

My Badminton Buddies and Me

When I studied abroad here in Shanghai in the spring of 2011, I would wake up early each morning (well, perhaps not each morning…let’s be real) and go to the park near the apartment at around 6am to watch the elderly Chinese do their morning exercises.  Every time I entered the gate to Zhongshan Park,… Read More ›