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Playing Tourist at Home

Sometimes it is easy to forget we have a city as our playground right outside of the door.  We go from work to gym to supermarket to home and then do it all again the next day.  It takes some energy – and a visitor who comes to visit you from America – to make… Read More ›

Exploring Tongli

One of the great parts about living in Shanghai is the access to many an adorable water town.  Tongli, one of the water towns that requires a 100 kuai entrance ticket that grants you access to eight major sites in the contained village, is definitely worth a visit.  From cute rivers that cross the city… Read More ›

Explorations on Line Nine

Shanghai has 440 km of subway lines taking city-goers from the suburban wastelands all the way in the western parts of Puxi to the airport that touches the eastern coastline in Pudong.  For those hoping to get a taste of all things Shanghai – whether it is the ritziest parts of the French Concession or… Read More ›