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Tag: Stomach

The “Open Duzi” Phenomenon

I first noticed the “Open Duzi” phenomenon during my morning walks in the park.  When the temperatures were reaching 39 C by 6:30am, certain necessary measures have to be taken to cope with the heat. The Chinese have a unique way to deal with this. Duzi, in Chinese, means stomach. The open duzi phenomenon allows… Read More ›

Carbs All Day, Every Day

Noodles.  Rice.  Bread.  Noodles.  Rice.  Bread.  Noodles. This country is the land of carbs.  Every meal is loaded with them.  After two weeks, the sight of noodles made my stomach hurt.  I needed some good old salads and fruits in my diet once more. But the fear of unwashed fruits and veggies was rattling my… Read More ›