One year in China. Let's do this!

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I just bought tickets to Chengdu on a whim.  Because why not.  But now I am sitting here and I have to decide about the next big purchase.  One of the big reasons to go to Chengdu is for the pandas.  They have a little panda kindergarten where all the baby pandas…go to school??  And… Read More ›

Apocalypse Now

Usually when people hear that something is OFF THE CHARTS, it means it is so epic and amazing that it beat any ranking system.  Well, this past weekend, when I heard this from a friend, I nearly wanted to gag.  The pollution levels in Shanghai were so atrociously high that they were unable to be… Read More ›

Bargaining for Will

The art of a bargain is a skill that one can fine tune and develop while in China.  However, just like certain ballerinas who can spin better than all the other lazy ballerinas who just don’t want to get dizzy, or some writers can just think of a magical world where 11-year-olds get sent letters… Read More ›

The Curse of the Vanishing Monopoly Money

The money is red and blue and green.  Spending money here feels like one massive game of Monopoly.  Do I want to buy that house on Park Place?!  Why the heck not…it’s just fake money after all.  I’m going to go for it. It feels so fun when you open up your wallet.  Going to… Read More ›

Language Flubs of the Milk Kind

My comfort meal comes in the form of my morning breakfast ritual.  When I don’t feel like eating any more fried baby geese on a skewer (don’t worry mom, I haven’t actually been eating any of this…), I just want a nice cup of iced coffee and a tasty pastry to compliment the deliciousness of… Read More ›