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Let’s Go Ride A Bike

A large group of us has purchased bikes now, which makes exploring the city so much fun.  Shanghai is absolutely massive and somewhat unattainable on foot and then if you are underground, you don’t get to see all the randomness that happens on the streets.  But with a bike, it is so easy to get… Read More ›

Oui Oui – Biking the French Concession

The subways here are convenient in the sense that they get you from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time for 40 cents.  Yes, 40 cents.  HA New York – take THAT.  However, they are a pain in the backside to physically use.  For example, to get to the French Concession… Read More ›

Explorations on Line Nine

Shanghai has 440 km of subway lines taking city-goers from the suburban wastelands all the way in the western parts of Puxi to the airport that touches the eastern coastline in Pudong.  For those hoping to get a taste of all things Shanghai – whether it is the ritziest parts of the French Concession or… Read More ›