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Madrid’s Holy Cookies

“Quieres algo mas?”  The small voice whispered to me, from behind the lazy Susan dispenser of the holy cookies.  “No, gracias, todo bien!  Muchisimas gracias.  Gracias por todo.  Gracias.  Hasta luego.  Gracias.”  My profusely polite farewell was an attempt to overcompensate for the fact that my greeting to the nun cookie seller had been, “Que… Read More ›

Are You Hungry Yet?

Feast your eyes on the glory that is a day of food “window shopping” in Madrid.  Don’t worry – you won’t gain too much weight from just looking at the pictures.

RT: 20 Things That Change After Living In China

From the girl who produced the controversial, yet wildly popular on social media, article about 23 Things To Do at 23 Instead of Getting Engaged comes another list.  This one has a bit more relevance to this blog, so I decided to share it. And as I am about to head out of China for… Read More ›

RT: Life After China

The World of Chinese wrote this great post recently about reverse culture shock.  As I am about to head off for a month of exploring the great historical sites (and the pizza shops) of Italy, I can’t help but wonder whether I will feel the same way as I leave Shanghai and arrive in a… Read More ›