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The Trevi Fountain Drought

The water is an unnatural blue.  I push past a throng of Chinese tourists who are trying to figure out which shoulder they are supposed to throw their coin over to bring them good luck.  As I approach the border of the Trevi Fountain, I can look to the bottom of the pool and see… Read More ›

Going with the flow in Florence

Four years ago, at the end of a summer spent teaching English in small towns around Italy, I decided to take a week to travel to some of the most touristic sights around the country.  Eight days and four cities later, I had seen quite a bit.  Florence was a spectacle, with the Ponte Vecchio,… Read More ›

Commercialized Christianity in Rome

I was standing in front of a tourist map of Rome, desperately trying to figure out where I was and how I wanted to go to my next stop.  I needed to find the “Santa Maria something something.”  The churches were all marked on the map.  Bingo, I thought.  This will be easy.  That was… Read More ›

RT: Life After China

The World of Chinese wrote this great post recently about reverse culture shock.  As I am about to head off for a month of exploring the great historical sites (and the pizza shops) of Italy, I can’t help but wonder whether I will feel the same way as I leave Shanghai and arrive in a… Read More ›