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Mental Inadequacy Highlighted in Oxford

I try to not be a complete idiot. I made it through college – a pure miracle considering the special scored I received on some of my Chinese language exams – and walked across the stage at Radio City Music Hall to receive my diploma from NYU in May. However, as I walked through the… Read More ›

Pip pip – a trip to Thames Town!

Think this is a picture from England?  Think again. This past Friday on a jaunt out of town to go and check off one more item on the bucket list, we ended up venturing out to Thames Town.  This fake village, which has ended up being somewhat of a flop since it is super far… Read More ›

China’s Grimmauld Place

I have always hoped I would be a wizard.  Reading the Harry Potter books as a child, I was absolutely 100% convinced that there would be a letter in the mail for me on my 11th birthday.  When it didn’t come, I was devastated.  However, chin up, Charlotte, life moves on, perhaps a high school… Read More ›