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Are You Hungry Yet?

Feast your eyes on the glory that is a day of food “window shopping” in Madrid.  Don’t worry – you won’t gain too much weight from just looking at the pictures. Advertisements

I promise it’s not over

My dearest blogy blog, I know I’ve been terrible at communicating recently.  And you heard me listening to that Taylor Swift song about never ever ever ever getting back together.  But it wasn’t directed at you, my dear little blog.  I promise we aren’t done.  I just needed a break.  Some time to breathe.  It’s… Read More ›

Pigs’ Feet and Stinky Tofu

So sometimes I write for Shanghaiist, and I write about food and drinks.  It’s a pretty chill job.  I eat things and then I write about what tasted good and not so good, and then they publish it.  Baller.  You could read this one and this one to get the idea.  The reason I suggest… Read More ›

Food Heaven in Suzhou

One moment… One look… One word… Can change everything. – Catherine Deane – Rewritten version by Charlotte Evans One moment… One look… One word… One bite… Can change everything. Thank you Catherine, for this lovely poem, thank you Suzhou, for making truly delicious food, and thank you to the inventor of elastic waist pants, for… Read More ›