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The Trevi Fountain Drought

The water is an unnatural blue.  I push past a throng of Chinese tourists who are trying to figure out which shoulder they are supposed to throw their coin over to bring them good luck.  As I approach the border of the Trevi Fountain, I can look to the bottom of the pool and see… Read More ›

Going with the flow in Florence

Four years ago, at the end of a summer spent teaching English in small towns around Italy, I decided to take a week to travel to some of the most touristic sights around the country.  Eight days and four cities later, I had seen quite a bit.  Florence was a spectacle, with the Ponte Vecchio,… Read More ›

Madrid’s Holy Cookies

“Quieres algo mas?”  The small voice whispered to me, from behind the lazy Susan dispenser of the holy cookies.  “No, gracias, todo bien!  Muchisimas gracias.  Gracias por todo.  Gracias.  Hasta luego.  Gracias.”  My profusely polite farewell was an attempt to overcompensate for the fact that my greeting to the nun cookie seller had been, “Que… Read More ›

Commercialized Christianity in Rome

I was standing in front of a tourist map of Rome, desperately trying to figure out where I was and how I wanted to go to my next stop.  I needed to find the “Santa Maria something something.”  The churches were all marked on the map.  Bingo, I thought.  This will be easy.  That was… Read More ›

A “Will and Kate” Day in London

My journey through London began at the Astor Hyde Park Hostel.  Located on Queen’s Gate (and really, this should be called “It’s Gonna Be Kate’s Gate”) across the street from one of the main entrances to Hyde Park, this hostel was a perfect location and great starting point for our journey through royal history. During… Read More ›