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Playing Tourist at Home

Sometimes it is easy to forget we have a city as our playground right outside of the door.  We go from work to gym to supermarket to home and then do it all again the next day.  It takes some energy – and a visitor who comes to visit you from America – to make… Read More ›

My Chinese Christening

夏笛: Xià dí: Summer flute I have had eight or so Chinese teachers in the time I have been studying this insane language.  Each time I begin a class with a new teacher, the first day consists of everyone going around the circle sharing their English name and then their Chinese name.  And each time, I… Read More ›

Leaf peeping in Xinchang

Xinchang. Where? What’s that? My friend sent me a link a few weeks back.  “Let’s go here!” the email read.  It was just over 100 dollars to make the trip.  It left on a Saturday morning and came back on a Sunday evening.  Accommodation, tour guide, food, buses – it was all paid for.  We… Read More ›

Quotes from the dragon boat

Conversation between three people on the dragon boat during a rest: Korean woman: “I now know another Chinese word!” British guy: “Oh do tell!” Korean woman: “Man. It means slow.” Me: “Well, that’s fitting, isn’t it…”

Laowai on Laowai

Shanghai is a city of 24 million people.  Half a million of those people are foreigners, or “laowais.”  While half a million people is a whole lot of a lot of people, it sometimes feels like you are a white person in a sea of Harry Potter jet black hair and people that are about… Read More ›

Language Flubs of the Mouse/Teacher Kind

When immersing yourself in a new language environment, the potential to say some really stupid things is quite high. Yesterday was one of those moments.  A fellow co-worker and friend of mine is having a mouse infestation issue in her apartment.  While the aiyi (our lovely maid that comes to clean our apartments three times… Read More ›

Business Mandarin Courtesy of OK

I am a pro at ordering bubble tea.  Telling a street vendor that “my parents don’t give me money because they don’t love me” so they should totally give me that fake bag for five less kuai?  No problem.  And the words just spill out of my mouth when a cyclist cuts me off as… Read More ›