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Chef Boyardee, Meet Chef Charlotte

I can’t cook to save my life.  The thought of doing anything that doesn’t involve sticking a Hot Pocket into the microwave and waiting for 120 seconds for the delicious cheese to be zapped to perfection is a terrifying, sweat-inducing idea. And when cheap, tasty food can be prepped in about five minutes with only… Read More ›


I just bought tickets to Chengdu on a whim.  Because why not.  But now I am sitting here and I have to decide about the next big purchase.  One of the big reasons to go to Chengdu is for the pandas.  They have a little panda kindergarten where all the baby pandas…go to school??  And… Read More ›

Leaf peeping in Xinchang

Xinchang. Where? What’s that? My friend sent me a link a few weeks back.  “Let’s go here!” the email read.  It was just over 100 dollars to make the trip.  It left on a Saturday morning and came back on a Sunday evening.  Accommodation, tour guide, food, buses – it was all paid for.  We… Read More ›

To fly or not to fly…

That is the question. Manila or Tokyo? Manila or Tokyo? Manila…or Tokyo? I am cheap.  I hate spending money on things that don’t seem to warrant money being spent on them.  Yet, I have found some “cheap” flights by China/Asia standards to Manila and Tokyo for November.  I would have to use a vacation day,… Read More ›

Flip, The Turtle

“Why did you buy this turtle?  You can’t even eat it?!”  – Chinese woman on the street back to the subway after purchasing Flip. Everyone, meet Flip.  Flip, meet everyone.  Not pictured: Lil’ Wugui, who, in case you were wondering, is also a non-edible creature.  We went on a day trip to Nanxiang, a small… Read More ›

Defining Home

This year is a trial run for life post-grad.  I love living in Shanghai, but also think about the possibilities for after this year and this fellowship.  So each time I travel to a new place in Asia, I think of it as not only a vacation spot but also a potential future home.  What… Read More ›

Laowai on Laowai

Shanghai is a city of 24 million people.  Half a million of those people are foreigners, or “laowais.”  While half a million people is a whole lot of a lot of people, it sometimes feels like you are a white person in a sea of Harry Potter jet black hair and people that are about… Read More ›

The Biggest Mall in ASIA

“IT’S THE BIGGEST MALL IN ALL OF ASIA!” The buzz around Yueying Global Harbor was immense the first few weeks I was in Shanghai.  Everyone was talking about it.  “Did you know in Global Harbor…” “I heard that Global Harbor…” “Yesterday when I went to Global Harbor…” Yet, my interest was not piqued.  It seemed… Read More ›

Exploring Tongli

One of the great parts about living in Shanghai is the access to many an adorable water town.  Tongli, one of the water towns that requires a 100 kuai entrance ticket that grants you access to eight major sites in the contained village, is definitely worth a visit.  From cute rivers that cross the city… Read More ›

Bargaining for Will

The art of a bargain is a skill that one can fine tune and develop while in China.  However, just like certain ballerinas who can spin better than all the other lazy ballerinas who just don’t want to get dizzy, or some writers can just think of a magical world where 11-year-olds get sent letters… Read More ›