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December 2, 2013

Yesterday, I ran a half marathon. (One of the new features of my upgraded blog is that they allow me to link to random articles.  I think it’s hilarious what they allow me to link to, so I have started to upload them here.  Just in case any of you need a definition of what… Read More ›

Pip pip – a trip to Thames Town!

Think this is a picture from England?  Think again. This past Friday on a jaunt out of town to go and check off one more item on the bucket list, we ended up venturing out to Thames Town.  This fake village, which has ended up being somewhat of a flop since it is super far… Read More ›

The Philippines Through Pictures

This past weekend I went on a weekend trip to the Philippines.  This beautiful, stunning, perfect country of 7,300 plus islands has somehow managed to avoid the damaging effects of overpowering tourism, and has, as a result, kept its pristine and authentic beauty for those lucky enough to see it to experience. While the country… Read More ›

The Pulse of the Park

Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite thing to do in Shanghai is that is the most local type of experience and best way to get away from the city life, without a beat I will tell them about the parks.  I love them.  You see the true pulse of the city each day.  In… Read More ›

Suzhou Snapshots