One year in China. Let's do this!

RT: 20 Things That Change After Living In China

From the girl who produced the controversial, yet wildly popular on social media, article about 23 Things To Do at 23 Instead of Getting Engaged comes another list.  This one has a bit more relevance to this blog, so I decided to share it.

And as I am about to head out of China for a month to go run around Europe, I think about the last one in particular.  When I come back to China in February, I am sure I will meet a new crop of expats ready to explore and experience Shanghai, so number 20 definitely struck a chord.  As someone who has spent almost a year in China through the accumulation of several trips to this country, I feel fairly established now.  Time to pass the good karma onwards and help those in need by showing them the wonders of the baozi stand, the best places to buy a bike, and the joys of all-you-can-eat hotpot.

So I leave you with this link:

20 Things That Change After Living In China.

Stay tuned for Dubai, London, Madrid, and Rome adventures!


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