One year in China. Let's do this!


Yesterday, I ran a half marathon. (One of the new features of my upgraded blog is that they allow me to link to random articles.  I think it’s hilarious what they allow me to link to, so I have started to upload them here.  Just in case any of you need a definition of what a half marathon is, feel free to check out this super duper informative Wikipedia link.  Thanks, WordPress!)

It was epic, and painful, and exhilarating, and fun, and crazy, and something I never thought I would be able to do.  Aside from a shoe tie at the first kilometer (really, shoelace, really?), I didn’t stop for the rest of the route.  I didn’t stop when I ran past the man who had attached a picture of a dancing pig to a hat on the back of his head.  I didn’t stop when people were passing out at the 20th KM.  I didn’t stop when I was slipping on the sidewalk that was sticky from Gatorade that was being splashed everywhere by fellow runners.  And I didn’t stop when there was a 20 person line at 7KM for the portable toilets.

It was quite the experience, and I was so glad to take part in it.  So here are some pictures of the day before the event at the registration and then the day of the event.  And while I am not always the biggest fan of putting up pictures of myself on this blog, it seemed fitting to post some pictures of the finish line version of myself as proof that I did in fact finish the whole thing (SEE DAD.  BOOM.  EVIDENCE.)


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