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The Philippines Through Pictures

This past weekend I went on a weekend trip to the Philippines.  This beautiful, stunning, perfect country of 7,300 plus islands has somehow managed to avoid the damaging effects of overpowering tourism, and has, as a result, kept its pristine and authentic beauty for those lucky enough to see it to experience. While the country was hit by a horrific and terrible typhoon in the South the week before our visit, up in the Northern part of the country (about a 14 hour car ride away distance away), there was little evidence of the storm from the week before.  We decided, after some deliberation and confirmation from a friend I was going to visit when I arrived, to still go ahead with our trip.  And glad we were.  Whether it was hiking up a secret trail on a volcano or eating lunch under a waterfall at Villa Escudero, this weekend trip was rich with many different experiences.  It was truly a weekend to remember, and I would highly recommend a visit to the Philippines for anyone that wants to meet these incredibly friendly people, taste some ridiculously delicious foods, and see some really cool culture.

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  1. I’m from Philippines. God bless you.

  2. hell yeah! You visited the mother land! very jealous! 😀

  3. It was just perfect! What a fantastic place. I’m literally telling everyone back in China that they simply MUST go.

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