One year in China. Let's do this!

Flip, The Turtle


“Why did you buy this turtle?  You can’t even eat it?!”

 – Chinese woman on the street back to the subway after purchasing Flip.

Everyone, meet Flip.  Flip, meet everyone.  Not pictured: Lil’ Wugui, who, in case you were wondering, is also a non-edible creature.  We went on a day trip to Nanxiang, a small water town connected to Shanghai through the subway.  After a walk down the main street, shoveling food down our throats, we headed to the market area.  There were turtles.  So my friend bought two.  Flip, who never seemed to last more than two seconds without flipping over onto his back, and lil’ Wugui, who is a mini little thing, and naturally given the most creative of Chinese names (wugui=turtle).  Fingers crossed they survive more than a week and/or that some Chinese person in the building doesn’t try to make turtle soup with Flip this weekend for Sunday brunch.


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