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Shanghai Life at 6AM

New York claims to be the city that never sleeps.  Yet, on those mornings when I would wake up at the crack of dawn, unable to sleep, and would decide to venture out into the streets at 5:45 or 6am, the city felt like a ghost town.

In Shanghai, it is quite the opposite.  This is the time that all of the old folks of Shanghai come out to play.  They liven up the parks with their tai chi and morning stretches.  They chatter away on the park benches, gossiping about the people that pass by.  And they shop like there is no tomorrow at all of the outdoor markets.

Around the corner from my apartment complex is one of the more lively streets in this morning hour.  The local vendors swoop down on this street each morning with trucks of watermelons and laundry baskets brimming with crabs.  There are carrots, lettuce, and massive bitter melons for sale.  The sellers squat by their goods and jump up whenever a potential customers stops to observe the veggie options.

The circles offer a snapshot of the life on Anxi Lu in the mornings.  Click on one of the circles and you can view them in a slideshow format with the captions below the pics for more details.  Enjoy!


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  1. Ugh! I am so jealous. If i don’t get this job I’m interviewing for on Monday, I must move to Shanghai… Have fun!

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