One year in China. Let's do this!

TOKYO: Life’s an adventure!

Well, this epic journey to get to Shanghers is almost over, thank goodness.  As I wait for the fourth and final plane to get me to Pudong Airport, I can’t help but think about how eventful this trip is already shaping up to be.

From a crazy re-route that added seven more hours of travel to my trip to a layover in Tokyo, it sure has been an experience so far.  My journey was originally supposed to be from Manchester to Philly to Toronto to Shanghai.  But when US Airways forgot to staff the Philly to Toronto plane (small details, small details…) I ended up going to Atlanta instead and then stopping in Tokyo.  When I got to Atlanta, they didn’t have a seat for me.  After waiting for two hours, the sassy lady at the front desk marches over to me.

“Hey girlfriend, got some good news and bad news,” she said.  “Well, you have a middle seat.  That’s the bad news.  The good news – and us girls got to stick together, you know – is that I am seating you next to a rather fine looking military guy.  You.  Are.  Welcome.” 

So ladies and gentlemen, that is evidence right there that you need to be kind and courteous to the flight people.  Because they will SET YOU UP.


Yes, that Kimono will vanish. How scandalous of you, Tokyo airport!


Tokyo’s Narita airport is quite a riot and allows me to indulge in the fact that I have a sick liking for 12-year-old boy humor.  From the mugs with women dressed in kimonos that vanish if you put super duper hot water in them, to the toilets where you can “rinse your buttocks” while “muting the sound with toilet flushing sound”, I have been quite amused. 


Read captions. Be amused.


While I decided not to fork out for the kimono-vanishing-act mug, I did fork out four buckaroos for a pair of dancing Pikachu socks that had Tokyo written all over them.  Because why not.


About to head over to my gate to get on the last flight.  Keep reading for updates when I get to Shanghai!





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